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Research Blurbs about America’s health

In my other life, I teach marketing and so get a number of newsletters from other marketing concerns.  The following came to me from Saurage Research, which does market research for businesses world-wide.  The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention … Continue reading

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Some Weight Loss Success!

Seems only fair that I let you know when I seem to be actually losing some weight! I’m delighted to tell you that this morning I’m down to about 174 – that’s close to two pounds a week and if … Continue reading

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Holiday Food and Weight Loss

It’s probably harder here in December than at any other time of the year to think about getting thinner.  My sister just sent me a big box of goodies…fortunately, mostly good goodies like nuts.  But mixed in there were chocolate … Continue reading

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This Getting Thin Stuff Could Get me Down…

So in theory, Atkins has some very good points.  I tried it.  Boring after the first two days.  Made it through a week.   I was checking various forums about it to answer questions—like why I had a headache for two … Continue reading

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Pant Puff, Pant Puff! Those Darn Workouts

Okay, I got out of denial a bit and climbed on the scale. The first day I dared look it seemed to say I was down a pound. I don’t trust scales so I always wait until the next day … Continue reading

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That River In Egypt

Ellie asked me if I’d seen any weight loss since we started diet and fitness blog. I said I hadn’t weighed myself, which is true. I’ve been doing this blog not quite two weeks and had a major food holiday … Continue reading

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But Wait!!!

Anne is complaining of waking up starving every morning.    Isn’t this pretty much what I’ve already been doing for the last year?  Is it substantially different, really, than what I’ve already discovered holds the line but doesn’t make real progress?  … Continue reading

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