Am I Addicted To Gluten?

gluten freeI talked with my chiropractor, Dr. Dave McCann, about my binge. It turned out he’d attended a lecture recently on the problems associated with gluten.

In addition to various health problems, (Is it any coincidence that Ellie emailed me this link this morning?) for at least some of us, gluten rich foods are addicting. Some research indicates that bread, cake, and other high carbo foods opioid endorphins in the brain that create pleasure.


I’ve let go of a whole bunch of addictions and dependencies including alcohol (which it turns out is also a carb), nicotine, and some behaviors like underearning and co-dependency. Now it looks like I’ll again have to go through withdrawal from carbs and gluten.

It’s not yet clear to me if I have to give up all gluten, which shows up in all sorts of things, or just the cakes and cookies and breads that I end up craving after about a week of not eating any. Ideally I suppose, I’d get rid of it all, but it isn’t easy. has published a list of ‘safe’ foods for those with gluten problems, but frankly, I don’t recognize a whole bunch of what’s on that list. (I notice that just writing about this and I want bread!)

According to Dr. Dave, my withdrawal symptoms will probably last two or three days. So far the cravings have been mild compared to coming off nicotine, but I’ve given in each time. In truth I’m not yet committed. I can only ask for the willingness to be willing.

Nicotine Anonymous has a commentary on the Serenity Prayer that would seem to apply here as well. The most potent idea for me there is the idea that the craving will pass whether I give into it or not. I know that to be true from my recovery from other addictions. I’m not looking forward to going through withdrawal again.

We’ll see.

The idea that some of my resistance to weight loss might actually be physical is both reassuring and scary.

What do you think? Have you any thoughts on food addiction and weight loss?

Anne Wayman

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